About Presidio Films

Founder Dave Girling has been producing multimedia slideshows for over 10 years.  Most recently, Dave has expanded his production mix to include family history documentaries (click the " previews” button to order a demo CD).  His own Girling Family History documentary incorporates 20 years of research and filming on location.  (See www.GirlingFamily.com for examples of the type of content that can be part of a family history documentary).

The shows are a perfect complement to a wedding rehearsal dinner, birthday party, anniversary or any other special event.  Dave travels around the United States to present his shows and believes that they are a wonderful addition to any special event.  “There’s no better way to “Connect to the past”. 

"Images synchronized with music are a powerful way to “move” individuals.  I started doing shows for my friends in the mid-80’s as they started to get married, using a Kodak slide carousel, narrating the shows myself.  With the advent of digital tools for producing multimedia shows, small studios like Presidio Films can create high quality shows that only a few years ago would have required the services of a major production studio”.

Dave Girling