In consultation with Dave or another member of the Presidio Films team, customers will help to create a storyboard for each presentation. Once the storyboard is complete, pictures will be accumulated and digitized, interviews and any other appropriate video will be shot and the music (many times the most important component) will be selected. Customers can be as involved in the process as many times they desire, as the additional effort will make the final product much more personal. 

The entire production process is digital. State-of-the-art equipment is used by highly trained technicians to prepare each show. Once the pictures are “digitized, software tools such as Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator are used for sizing, touch-up and photo manipulation. Digital video (“DV”) is shot with a Sony PD-100 DV camera in either DV or DVCAM tape format and is edited using an AVID nonlinear editing system. Music and voiceovers are synchronized to the images using sophisticated audio editing tools such as Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge. Original music can also be composed with a software tool that allows for production, arranging and editing of loop-based music. Once the various segments are complete, they are assembled into a timeline. The final cut can be delivered as a VHS tape, CD or DVD-R which can be played in most consumer DVD player..

For presenting the show, Presidio Films offers the most up-to-date audio/visual (“AV”) equipment including a Sanyo Professional Digital Projector, a variety of sizes of projector screens and a state-of-the-art sound system which includes JBL's EON Power 15. Prices start at $2500 and are dependent upon the complexity of the show. For a limited time only, hire Presidio Films and get a free DVD player.